Your logo and tagline work hand-in-hand. Each adds meaning and context to the other. At each point of initial interaction, potential clients are forming opinions about your brand. The first thing they encounter is your company name, then your logo, and thirdly your tagline. Just as your logo gives context to your name, your tagline builds upon the name and logo giving deeper meaning and context.

So what can a tagline do? First, it can let people know “what” you do. A lot of taglines do just this. But chances are that your potential client didn’t just stumble across you on the Internet. They found you because they are looking for companies in your industry. So a tagline that simply reiterates what you do doesn’t really add any value.

Some taglines let people know that you are “professional.” They use words like “excellence,” and “value.” But hopefully, everything about your appearance and presentation already demonstrates professionalism, without having to actually say it. In fact, when you do have to say it, people begin to doubt you.

We think a great tagline should give people a quick glimpse into your corporate personality. It lets people know that you think differently than your competition. It should be completely appropriate and yet a little surprising. It’s like a wink that lets people know that you’re smart and you think that they’re clever too.

Here are a few of the taglines that we’ve developed for our clients:

Making the Best Better.

N12 Technologies — N12 makes a laminate additive that makes sporting goods, cars, motorcycles and aerospace applications tougher and lighter.


Know it All. 

Eyrus — Eyrus software provides 24/7 labor and project monitoring of multi-million dollar projects, providing oversight on every detail of production.

MakES it Possible.

CPB — The Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides the funding that makes quality news and educational content possible.


Pure and Simple.

WaterSeer — WaterSeer is a simple, affordable technology that provides pure, clean water where and when it is needed.


Urban Chic. Traditional Charm.

Ritz Carlton Residences — Bringing Ritz Carlton’s legendary amenities and sophistication to their residences in Washington DC.


Infused with Flavor.

mooBurger in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Burgers that are infused with fresh organic, aromatic and delicious ingredients and sauces to delight the most sophisticated palate.


Accelerate the Possible.

Motiv Strategies — Motiv Strategies develops platforms for process design that speed time to market.


Clear Data. Trusted Results.

Signalife — Signalife has developed a heart-monitoring device that reduces signal noise, giving a clearer picture of your health.

Vision Accomplished.

Design Alliance — We collaborate with you to create strategic branding plans that take you from who you are, to who you aspire to be.


The right tagline gives your logo context and enhances your brand story.

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