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Brand Strategy and national advertising campaign for luxury residences

Ritz Carlton is synonymous with the ultimate in service, excellence, and luxury – and Eastbanc‘s singular properties are known for their inventiveness, artistry, and sense of sophistication. So when Eastbanc and Ritz Carlton teamed to develop the Ritz Carlton Residences at 22 West, it was a perfect pairing.

To ensure that we possessed an in-depth understanding of the Ritz Carlton brand, we participated in the same one-week Ritz Carlton brand immersion training that all Ritz Carlton executives attend. 

Armed with our newly-acquired mastery of the Ritz Carlton brand, we designed a high-end branding campaign that included the design of the sales and marketing center, website, brochures, direct mail, and a national luxury-market advertising program.

Working closely with Eastbanc’s visionary team, we developed the headline: At the center of everything – is a home away from it all. The headline became the central branding and marketing theme.

The sales center featured an interactive maquette that allowed potential buyers to visualize the views from their unit. The website highlighted the unique qualities of the Ritz Carlton Residences brand and featured detailed schematics of all 71 unique floor plans.

Ritz Carlton Brochure
Ritz Carlton Brochure
Ritz Carlton Postcards
Ritz Carlton Leasing Center
Ritz Carlton Leasing Center
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