Designing User Experience

Design Alliance worked closely with our client, Eyrus, over an eight month period to develop a meticulous, 80-page software planning document for developing their new commercial construction, trade-resource management web application. We outlined every stage of the user-experience, from access and permissions through in-depth report generation. Our comprehensive document detailed all of the functional software requirements, 20 unique data entry forms, and ten report-generation screens featuring interactive graphical representations of the precise real-time status of multiple commercial real-estate construction projects.

Once the user-experience and overall architecture was finalized, we translated our  branding guidelines into the design of the user-interface - creating a series of simple, modern and flexible screens for the application. The programing team at 3Advance, then worked with our planning document and screen designs to develop an innovative server-side infrastructure and a responsive software architecture and database system capable of handling hundreds of users and tens of thousands of up-to-the-second data points simultaneously.

Since going online in 2017, Eyrus has handled over $10 billion in construction projects and saved more than $25 million dollars in construction costs for their clients.

Eyrus Software

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Eyrus Software
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