Seeing Double


DCP Productions asked Design Alliance to create the digital VFX (Visual Effects) for their sci-fi inspired GEICO spot featuring Patrice Bergeron, Center for the Boston Bruins. The 30-second broadcast spot shows Patrice Bergeron exiting two cloning chambers before facing off against himself. We designed and digitally created the mad-scientist laboratory environment surrounding the ice rink using 3D software, and then digitally blended it into the shots. We also composited digital smoke, light and ice effects that add realism and drama to the spot.


In addition to the Boston Bruins, we have supported DCP Productions with visual effects for GEICO spots featuring the Washington Capitals, the Washington Nationals and the Carolina Panthers - as well as GEICO spots highlighting insurance options for motorcycles, boats and RVs.

Adding visual effects to DCP Productions'

"Win Win" spot for GEICO


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