The 5 senses that drive engaging experiences.

B / H O L D©

B/HOLD© is Design Alliance’s creative guideline for ensuring that all of our concepts add significant value. We do this by focusing on what we call the B/HOLD© 5 Senses - beauty, history, order, luxury and drama. We deliver memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences by keeping each of these five senses top-of-mind as we research and develop creative concepts.


Sense of Beauty

Creating a sense of beauty isn't about decoration or embellishment. Beauty is about making design decisions that allow us to see in new ways and appreciate our experiences on a new level. Beauty enhances our lives and enriches our experiences. Whether it is lavishly layered or minimally simple, beauty has the powerful ability to inspire, engage and attract. We naturally seek out beauty and feel refreshed for having done so. Beauty is achieved when every element of an artwork or design is in perfect harmony - working together to create a balanced and cohesive whole.


Sense of History

Relationships build trust through a sense of heritage and context. While everyone appreciates the "new," we feel a sense of overwhelming affinity to those experiences that relate a sense of tradition and familiarity. Careful attention to authentic and characteristic detail allows us to become immersed in the experience. Just as a building must be appropriate and responsive to its location, a successful design concept must be appropriate and responsive to the history and intended context of the story.


Sense of Order

Order gives us peace-of-mind. It allows us to relax, focus, and direct our attention where its most needed. Thoughtful choreography of the interrelationship of all the elements in a design is essential to articulating narratives that resonate. In a well-designed concept, the composition of the elements will not only seem logical and accessible - but inevitable.


Sense of Luxury

Everyone, whether they spend ten dollars or ten thousand dollars, wants to feel that they are getting the highest-quality experience. We perceive a sense of luxury when there is uncompromising attention to detail - and every aspect of the experience feels thoughtfully considered and designed. Luxury is best expressed through a sense of sophistication and an unwavering refusal to underestimate the customer.


Sense of Drama

Drama adds surprise, humor, theater, or extravagance. Drama is found in the unexpected juxtaposition of colors, scale, textures, light, and images. Drama creates a sense of energy and excitement and makes the experience thoroughly unique and memorable. Drama maintains interest by introducing unanticipated and engaging details, allowing multiple opportunities for discovery, exploration, and reward.


By evaluating and re-evaluating every design solution for each of these five "senses" we ensure a rich and satisfying experience that engages on multiple levels: intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically.



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