"Design Alliance thoroughly understood our goals and requirements for the new brand. They care as much about our success as their own and it shows in the quality of their work and the intelligence and insight that they bring to every aspect of brand building for our company and our product line."

- Pamela Bunes, former President & CEO


Recom Managed Systems was a company poised to go public - but their name and corporate image failed to reflect the unique nature of their scientific breakthrough and the tremendous potential of their technology
and people.

Recom asked Design Alliance to create a new name for their company and a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign that would accurately communicate the value behind their brand and products.


Through a series of targeted discovery and analysis sessions with the Recom executive team, Design Alliance arrived at the name Signalife - a name designed to reflect both the key distinguisher of their proprietary technology, and its principal purpose; to improve and enhance quality of life. We also developed the targeted tagline - Clear Data. Trusted Results. - to communicate the primary benefits of their groundbreaking technology.

Once the new name was selected and trademarked, we developed an extensive brand campaign, starting with design of the new logo and website and following through with corporate collateral systems, trade-show systems, marketing materials, promotional videos and cobranding strategies for marketing partnerships.

Since beginning work with Design Alliance, Signalife has begun trading on the American Stock Exchange and entered into a major marketing partnership with Rubbermaid Medical Solutions.

  • Naming of Company & Product line
  • New Logo / Brandmark / Tagline
  • Investor Package
  • Web Site
  • 10x10' Trade-show Exhibit
  • 20x20' Trade-show Exhibit
  • Corporate Videos
  • White Papers
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Product Branding
  • Corporate Collateral Systems
  • Partnership Awards