"Fantastic job - I was absolutely blown away.Your concepts really brought Gallery Place to life and gave it a powerful and exciting presence and sense of place. It made me wish I could go there right now."

– William Sawicki, Western Development


Disappointed with the customer experience and retail environments presented by the architect of record, Western Development asked Design Alliance to conceive and design the overall customer experience for the Gallery Place interior retail environment.


We conceived of a space with a rich history - an environment that had evolved naturally over decades. To tell this story we designed a rich mix of 19th and early 20th century architectural styles that seamlessly merge to create an exciting and dynamic “neighborhood” of retailers.

We were deeply involved with all early phases of the project, producing designs for the interior retail gallery, the exterior promenade, the multiplex theater, and the Verizon connector. In spite of the coming and going of multiple design/architecture teams, almost all of the design concepts that
we developed for the interior retail pavilion survive in the current design. Among these are the glass and iron atrium "arcade," designed to bring the
4-story ceiling down to a more human scale, the interior second-floor balconies that increase retailer square footage and dynamically break up the atrium’s open space, and the ornate "cast-iron" district inspired metalwork of the Verizon connector.

  • Brand Storybook
  • Retail Facades
  • Interior Detailing
  • Kiosk Design
  • Exterior Design Maquettes
  • Full Design Construction Drawings