The website for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, within the
Department of the Treasury, was sprawling and confused. Although the site
contained valuable information used by banks and OCC branches across the nation on a daily basis, the information was difficult to locate. In addition, the identity of the organization had become diluted. Various departments were promoting and defining the organization in entirely inconsistent ways.


Design Alliance worked with the OCC to redesign their external and internal
websites to be accessible, intuitive, concise and clear. Both sites needed to be completely “508” compliant to meet governmental security and accessibility standards. We conducted a comprehensive review of OCC’s partner, counterpart and comparable government and corporate websites, before designing an appropriate and effective look, feel and interface for the external OCC site that quickly provides banks and financial institutions the information they require - and we designed an inviting and useful intranet site that encourages participation. In addition, we created an extensive online brand standards site, outlining in precise detail appropriate use and application of all departmental brand elements, and detailed coding guidelines for the websites.

  • OCC External Website
  • OCC Intranet Site
  • OCC Brand Standards Site
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