"Our record month in May is attributed to the new positioning, the new brand, and the new marketing materials from Design Alliance. We have attracted new clients and employees from our advertising campaign. Our current client base has responded strongly."

– Richard Masterson, Managing Director, Marketing


Lobbying firms generally resist any attempts at self-branding or marketing – preferring to keep a low corporate profile. Because of this, David Carmen, the founder and President of Carmen Group (one of the largest lobbying and government relations firms in the nation), recognized that there was a unique opportunity to utilize the power of branding to truly distinguish his firm from the competition.


Building on research begun by an in-house team, Design Alliance worked with Carmen Group to reveal the personality attributes and positioning concepts at the heart of the brand. We developed the positioning line: Proven Process. Proven Results. to emphasize the two key distinguishers of the brand: Carmen methodology, and measurable results; and we found inspiration for the new Carmen logo in the visual representation of Carmen Group methodology. We further positioned the brand in the market by developing the advertising campaign: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, which combined Carmen message with famous American success stories shown in classic black and white photographs.

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