"Design Alliance exceeded our expectations. They were very professional, had great creative energy and a timely delivery - designing the best positioning and sales tools for our account executives, and did it on budget. Their work with AT&T has helped us to keep our #1 ranking for our AT&T Managed Services Portal."

– Paula Capri, Director of Marketing Communications


AT&T needed a way to quickly and effectively communicate the value of its Managed Services Portal. Because of the complex array of specialized business services available, potential clients found it difficult to distinguish the specific benefits of any one service.


Design Alliance’s Design-Strategy Team worked closely with AT&T’s Marketing Communications Team to distill their highly technical listing of service offerings and key benefits down to a series of simple and easy-to-understand marketing messages.

We then turned those messages into compelling scripts, and designed a campaign of interactive animated presentation/sales modules that make a clear and compelling case for the benefits of AT&T’s online business services over those of its competitors, while reinforcing the value and preserving the equity of the AT&T brand.

The interactive sales modules were delivered over multiple media including internet, CD-ROM and kiosk.

  • Product Branding
  • Online Video
  • Online Presentation/Sales Module
  • CD-ROM
  • Specialty Advertising Promotions